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10 Tips for SEO Copywriting

The website content is one of the most vital factors for the success of your Project. This is how the searching systems kind of determine the quality of your website. However, be advised that the text which contains 90% of key words, in other words, “set up for some robots”, is not necessarily going to be successful. Rather the opposite will be the case. First and foremost, the content has to match the search inquiry, by providing the most relevant and satisfying outcome, as the website is created for humans, not for robots. Besides, search engines renew their algorithms daily to more precisely determine actual helpfulness and effectiveness of your website. Below, you can find 10 tips came over through the years of our working experience, which we are willing to share.

1 1. Be specific

If your website has a page about a «Goldfish», then please be nice enough to write specifically about the «Goldfish» on there. Many page creators often forget about the goldfish and keep writing about something else, barely mentioning the goldfish. Be sure that such content will not be desirable for the person who searched for a «Goldfish».

2 Use simple language

Do your best to avoid complicated terms and phrases which are going to rather disturb your terminal customer. If you make your visitor fall in love with your text and style, the search engine will start to believe that this page is of high quality.

3 3. Use keywords

Be sure to use key words that are directly relevant to your page. This is how the «Goldfish» becomes a perfect keyword for the page about the goldfish.

4 Use the keywords correctly

Suppose you are going to use the photo of that «Goldfish». In this case a good idea is to add a keyword “photo of the goldfish”. Consider the following text: “At the photo of the goldfish you can see how beautiful they are under the neon lights”. The terminal user, who will find you using this search words, will be happy to find what they were searching for. If the user doesn’t find a picture, it will be a major disadvantage for you.

5 Don’t overuse the keywords

Avoid using irrelevant keywords just in order to be on top of the search results. If you provide some characteristics for the goldfish, and wish to get on top of the search outcomes, don’t use the phrase «The Goldfish Tale» for that. This is not what your visitor is looking for. If the visitor searched for «The Goldfish Tale», he will be disappointed, and will leave your website in less than 10 seconds. All of these behavioral factors and other data to analyze are gathered from various sources and sent into the Google, Yandex, Bing and other search labs. The user’s behavior is the main indicator for the ranging websites in the searching system.

6 Don’t repeat the keyword too many times

You often read that it’s vital to use the keyword once in a while here and there in the text: 3, 4, or even more times. This is a myth, which came out at the times of promoting works and money turnovers in SEO sphere and relevant spaces. Once again: the point is to provide quality content and to satisfy the terminal user’s inquiry. As to the key word, it’s enough to use it just once in the text and in the title as well, placing it into the < h1 > tag.

7 Apply attractive text format

We are providing for humans, aren’t we? This is the reason we have to format the text nicely. Use listing options for the itemizing, use bolding to emphasize some idea, make paragraphs and indents. Eventually you get a nice and readable text, which is, despite of occupying 2 pages, still makes the reader finishing it with no distraction. Without proper formatting, your text will result in negative feedback, as eyes are getting tired quickly, and people don’t finish the reading.

8 Answer the Questions

Accordingly to your content, it’s a good idea to create a FAQ page for the each of your sections, and provide answers inside of the text. It will help arranging closer contact with the terminal customer. Imagine the user entering your website in order to find out about the goldfish family, and seeing the phrase «by the way, do you want to know, what family the goldfish belongs to?» And there is the info on that! Such an approach will provide the best outcome, because you get into your customer’s brain so to speak.

9 Write informatively rich texts

Try to provide comprehensible texts yet not too long, less «watery». The person searching for something specific will be glad to get from you the info relevant to their particular inquiry. That’s how they start loving you and coming back for some new info. If the person finds only 20% of their inquiry on your website, they will definitely find the rest 80% somewhere else, and will go back rather there for their next search session.

10 Be literate

This is a must and one of the key factors of the text quality. Your audience consists of people with various educational levels, but even the poorly educated person is sometimes capable to locate some errors in your text, and assume that your content isn’t legit and cannot be taken seriously. Thus, making a copyrighting work will require you to be educated and literate

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10 Tips for SEO Copywriting
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Published: 26 Apr 2015

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