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Corporate Website Development

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While creating a corporate website, all clients from small businesses to large companies are getting an opinion and recommendations. Then starts step of the analysis and comparison of tasks. After comes the stage of individual design and programming of the future website.

In the era of digital technologies, almost any business has its corporate website, which aims to attract new customers and build relationships with the final buyer.

Our team is able to design viable sites, which during process of functioning significantly increase the odds of achieving business goals. Websites, which we have developed, do have some «influence on the minds of consumers».

To evaluate the cost and timing of the development of your future web site, you can fill in our brief and send us on a preliminary assessment.

CRM Systems Development

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Our team is ready to provide the creation of business systems (CRM, ERP) based on your needs. We develop a CRM system exclusively turnkey from scratch without using third-party solutions. Tasks are formed on the basis of your activities, needs and problems to be solved with the help of business automation systems.

CRM systems can be designed for both work exclusively within the company and to a wider audience, for which your system will be useful and will satisfy their needs. CRM systems are quite promising and, as a result, have a positive effect. By automating business through CRM, you can be sure that the tasks will be done without any external problem.

After development, we conduct training on working with the new system. In the development of CRM systems for a wide audience, you can also ask us for marketing research and strategy for the organization of the advertising campaign and promotion of the new product.

High-load Websites Development

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Since the advent of the Internet in 1994, especially the Internet in the way we used to see today, many things have changed. With each day, the World Wide Web expands and upgrades. And if before the Internet was a means to provide some simplified information, today it is an entire ecosystem, which enables the integration of sophisticated online business with multiple functions.

By creating high-loaded project is meant the development of a unified system, which can work with large amounts of data. High-loaded are called those projects, which handle large amounts of data and work with lots of people.

Our task is to design and develop a system that could cope with a large number of data would be fault tolerant and would be able to scale easily. We develop projects with «horizontal scaling», which are able to distribute the load on the linear to multiple servers to balance the total load. Thus, with the growth of your business, it will be enough to add a new server and our system will distribute the load evenly.


Social Networks Development

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Under the social network many people perceive entertainment and communication platform like Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc. But in fact, this type of services are deep roots. Social service or social platform can be considered any project, which is for building, reflecting and organizing of social relationships, which are rendering social graphs.

We list several types of social resources in the format of Web 2.0. like Social Bookmarking, Social Directories, Social Library, Social media storage, geo-social network, corporate social network and many other types.

Any social projects we are developing on an individual architecture by using advanced technologies, avoiding formulaic and out-of-the-box solutions. While developing a social network you get a full range of services, from analysis, design, architecture, interface design to the final product. We also provide long-term technical support.


E-Commerce Development

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We create online stores - both individual and based on common engines. The choice of a platform for online store developing depends on your needs and the ultimate goals of this resource.

In most of the cases, for non-standard online stores, which have a complex structure of filters, catalogs and coupon materials, we recommend the development of individual platforms.

If your online store will offer, for example, flower-arranging services in the town, and its growth is limited demand on a small scale, of course, to minimize development costs could be dispensed external engines for online stores, such as, OpenCart.

Any online store, designed by us has a unique and thoughtful design, as the design is one of the main factors influencing the sales. In the development of projects of online stores, we do not use templates or others’ designs.

Individual Projects Development

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It is important to understand that programming is only one-step in the development of a web project. In the list of services for web development projects, we have listed only the most popular of them. Nevertheless, this is not a complete list of our capabilities, which are based on innovative ideas and creative solutions.

For example, we have experience in developing of high-loaded services for auto parts, self-recording online services, and many other interesting implemented projects. We are happy to listen to your idea and make it happen!

In addition to the development of the project, an important component in the success of the resource is the marketing support. We also provide marketing services, starting with an analysis of your niche, matching priorities to tasks, developing of promotional materials, which will get into the mind of your potential customer.

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