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Additional Information
Perfecto Web is a web design agency specializing in Web Development, UI Design and UX Consulting. Our services and capabilities include Web Development, UI Design, Interface Design, Mobile Design, Logos & Branding, Photography, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5 and MySQL. We work in most major industries including Auto, Clothing/Fashion, Tech/Internet, Retail, Universities, Agencies, Sports, Financial Services, Nonprofits, Military/Government, Travel, and Creative Services.
We only utilize licensed software such as: Coda 2 Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Sketch Mac OS X

Standard Operating Procedure

Placing an Order
The most reliable way is to download the brief-questionnaire and send it to us. Don’t hesitate to explain us what you want in your own simple words. We are just the same human beings as yourself, so we will understand you for sure. This is our job to get to the point and take care of the business to its perfection.
Consultation & Discussing
After receiving your order, we look through it as a team. After that, we contact you, give some consulting, and discuss every little detail of the prospective project.
Upon discussing, the project’s cost is estimated depending on deadlines. After you submit the 50% advance payment, our work is getting started.
In cases of major and complicated projects, all the work is divided into steps. Thus the payment is made step by step, which is more convenient for you, as you can see the work have been performed, and we well get paid for the each new stage to be started.
Development of the project is performed based on the order details and those discussions he had before we started making the project. Upon new global ideas and major desires coming up, if they require some additional time to carry out, they are paid for separately. Minor ideas and changes, not consuming much time and efforts, we perform for free.
The following individuals take part in testing: programmer(s), the testing person, and, if necessary, the coordinating designer. After finishing the Project and receiving the final payment, the website is relocated onto your hosting
Turning in the Project
The next step is the project to be checked out by you. In case you report any shortcomings or flaws, they will be improved immediately. After we done this, the Project is considered to be fully done. We get the rest of the payment, then relocate the website onto your server, tune it up there, and hand you all the keys to it.
The User Manual
Our employees provide you with consulting on how to use various website functions. We usually develop intuitively understandable interfaces, so sometimes you figure out the way even before we are ready to consult.
You Get the Discount
Further on, you gain your status of our partner inside of the Perfecto Web discount system. This status makes it possible for you to make your next order with the discount.
More info about it on the Partners page.
Promoting the Project
Per your request, we are ready to offer either entire package for the promoting and advertising your project, or suggest to pick from the separately service options.
More detailed info on the Marketing Services page.

What You Get?

Professional Operation
We only offer a professional developing for your Project. Our experts have 10 years’ experience of working with web technologies and user interface building.
Individual Approach
You can see some very divergent websites in our portfolio. We literally meditate every time we get a new order, because any new website must be unique in its kind, even if the rivalry is really high.
Friendly Admin Panel
Panels we have built have a flexible and convenient pattern, allowing to easily figure out what’s going on and what to do.
Free Hosting
All of our customers get 3 months of free website hosting services with the major providers. As of today, we already provided over 990 free hosting accounts to our customers.
Relocating the Website for Free
We will move your website onto your hosting, install and set it up for no cost.
Promptly Responding
We work quite rapidly, and we are available for you to contact us more than 18 hours a day.
Besides, you always can see the Project on its development stages, and are able to discuss it with us. This pattern turned out to be very productive.
You don’t have to hire 5 different specialists, because our team is fully staffed (to speak frankly, we have two teams), so we are able to perform your Project in its entirety. We build websites from the scratch up to the marketing stage.
Premium Support
We also offer performing technical support for your website. In addition to the standard rates, our team is ready to consider some individual ways to take care of your website project.
More detailed info on tariff plan.
Rights and obligations of the parties
The customer gets all the rights to use, modification, design, and sale of the code as soon as the project is handed to him.

Perfecto Web reserves the right to establish a referenced link in the website footer. In case the referenced link is removed, Perfecto Web will refuse to carry out further project support.

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