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DustSkins - Gambling Site

DustSkins - Gambling Site №1

Roulette Game

DustSkins - Gambling Site №2- Roulette Game

Crash Game

DustSkins - Gambling Site №3- Crash Game

Coinflip Game

DustSkins - Gambling Site №4- Coinflip Game


DustSkins - Gambling Site №5- Profile

DustSkins - Gambling Site

Development of a website DustSkins with game rooms: Coin Flip, Crash, Roulette. The website is scalable, new games can be added in the future. Complete integration with OpSkins for development on WAX (waxpeer). Unlike the projects based on Steam API and Steam bots, WAX platform is much more convenient and user-friendly. All the trades are managed by OpSkins. WAX was developed for such projects as annual purchases in this games make up billions of dollars. The turnkey website was developed from zero by a team of three, a designer-imposer, a programmer and a programmer-tester in about 90 days.

  • To develop a game project on VGO.
  • To insure convenient control and intuitive UI.
  • To make it as automated as possible.
  • To give the administrators full control of the project through the admin panel.
  • To analyze competitors for revealing the most suitable UI
  • To use dark colors, which are the preferred colors of the target audience as analysis showed.
  • To use Node.js, React, PHP7, so that "average" VPS servers can endure the loads.
  • To develop and test, test load endurance, launch!
  • Sign up via OpSkins
  • Games: Coin Flip, Crash, Roulette
  • Fair game via
  • Regular bonuses
  • Referral system
  • Promo-codes system
  • Balance replenishment and payments via OpSkins
  • Automated distribution of bonuses in the chat according to certain scenarios and triggers
  • Extended admin panel with multiple settings, analytics, etc
  • Website currencies: RUB, USD
  • Multilinguality
  • Live statistics
  • Live chat with rooms


Customer: Michael
Creation date: 05 Oct 2019
Views: 4269
Release year: 2019
Website Engine: Individual Development
Technologies: PHP7, Node.js, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery

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