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Colors Mixer - Skill for Yandex Alice

Colors Mixer - Skill for Yandex Alice

With «Colors Mixer» both kids and adults will learn a lot about colors. The players need to guess what color they will get in the result of mixing certain colors.

Our application has won a «Yandex Alice Award» at Sep, 2019. We are sincerely happy about this event, as the Yandex team considered one of the best skills «Yandex Alice Award» for September 2019. Read more on Yandex Blog.

Our team has started developing skills and chatbots for Yandex Alice. If you need high quality skills for Alice or chatbots for Yandex, Telegram, or Google, you have come to the right place. We also offer technical support and bots service

Alice Skill Yandex Alice Award


Customer: Perfecto Web
Creation date: 25 Sep 2019
Views: 1443
Release year: 2019
Technologies: Node.js

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