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Skill for Yandex Alice - «Perfecto Web»

Skill for Yandex Alice - «Perfecto Web»

Development of a skill for Yandex Alice. Perfecto Web Assistant will help you get acquainted with Perfecto Webstudio. More and more brands are using Yandex Alice to get closer to their target audience. Alice is a completely new approach offering incredible perspectives. Start using Alice today!

Available commands
  • Services - get acquainted with all our services
  • Prices - price-guide for our services
  • Feedback - read a random feedback
  • Portfolio - see a random project
  • Contacts - information on all possible means of connecting with us
  • Want to become a partner - learn about partner programs
  • Hostingг - recommendation on reliable hosting
  • Scientific fact - learn about an exciting scientific fact

Our team offers packaged services on the development and promotion of websites, apps, bots, and a lot more! From now we starting develop bots for: Yandex Dialogs, Telegram, Google.

Alice Skill


Customer: Perfecto Web
Creation date: 28 Sep 2019
Views: 1663
Release year: 2019
Technologies: Node.js, MySQL

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