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Web Design

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Web site design - it's part of such a great directions as Communication design, one of the most complex and technologically advanced, both in terms of facing its problems, and the level of used implementation technologies. «Outlook» of the site is extremely important criteria, as the site (its content and presentation) is the material, which your customers are working with. The site is designed just for them.

According to the qualitative design of the site and published materials is evaluated the professional level of your company, in comparison with other sites (usually - competitors' sites). The customer will decide on his own which one to choose, without your intervention.

Remember that the design of your site can work for you or against you.

Our team is developing modern and unique interfaces, which correctly and accentually emphasize the benefits of your brand and help in promoting of your services.


Apps Design

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The developing of design for user interfaces, design of mobile applications is one of the most popular trends today. It is important to understand that on the operability in usage depends the level of assessment of your client.

We develop fine, handy and nice interface, which is based exclusively on the principle of individuality. While designing applications in our tasks are included: analysis of the range of services, the analysis of the final audience, the development of prototypes and concepts, and the design of icons. If it’s necessary, we provide services for the layout design of applications.

You can order the design of the interface for not only iOS, Android, Windows Phone operating system, but also any other (individual).

Price and terms of design applications depend on the number of screens, and on the specific task.
Remember! Interface design - this is not a set of colored brushes, which were put on the canvas! This is a complex process involving the interaction of components (both technical and visual aesthetic, and many others) designed to serve the interests of the client, as well as aimed at bringing profit to your company.



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Do you know any famous company, which does not have a corporate style? Can you imagine a world famous brand, to publish their offers on a blank sheet of A4 without, for example, a logo? Can there be a well-known player in the market without business cards and other related elements of corporate identity? Then, who's stopping you become at least that much cool?

Corporate identity - is an important element that emphasizes individuality and level of organization. Task of developing a corporate identity may be different in terms of overall production to the development of more than 20-30 items. It all depends on what tasks should perform your corporate identity.

We are ready to help you in setting goals and their implementation in the development of corporate identity! We have professional designers who will not leave any non-functional pixel in your brand book. Our team is developing a catchy, bright, unique corporate identity, which is in line with current trends in the industry.

We also provide services for the development of individual parts of the corporate identity. For example logos, business cards, etc..

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