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Viral advertising

Individual Methods

Viral advertising and viral marketing - is the creation of media advertising, which covers the audience, increasing exponentially. Viral advertising can serve as researched and thoughtful video clip, flash game, or any other interactive material.

We are ready to provide you services for the development and deployment of viral advertising for numerous entertainment venues. Usually, viral coverage is accompanied by rapidly rising advertised product / campaign, to which one must be ready, because sometimes it requires lightning-fast response, up to increase the labor of workers in several times.

While creating a media virus, we make sure that viral advertising was quite attractive with well-performed tasks.


Media advertising

Google AdWords Yandex Direct SMM

Display advertising is any type of advertising campaign, which is based on the media materials, such as graphic banners, animated banners, interactive banners, video banners. Display advertising is quite common in online marketing, ‘because a graphical material may convey emotions and adjust future potential of the customer to a certain wave.

We offer services ranging from the development of static banners, animated banners to organizing campaigns.

In particular, working with advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct. In setting any complex tasks we’re using a third-party, popular media, to achieve the desired coverage.


Website optimization


Search engines use multiple factors to determine the relevance and value of your site. These factors are improving day by day, that does not sit still SEO experts.

Our department of promotion all the time monitors trends, updates its arsenal and is always ready to go in full armor on the battlefield! We do not optimize websites created by other developers, as site optimization needs to be done in the process of development and testing project.

Besides internal optimization of website, we also provide services to promote the site in search engines, based on external factors. All websites developed by us, are located in the top positions of search engines with low competition.

In addition, we have a content management system, which search engines love.

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