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CSGO Energy

CSGO Energy gaming website development. The popularity of such websites is enhanced due to the availability of the function of game skins replacement or doubling. As gaming website users tend to actively interact and support each other, special emphasis was put on the chat development.

As it is anticipated to have around 3000-5000 online users and a total of 2-3 million users per month, it was decided to develop a SPA project (Single Page Application) to minimize expenses. The website is developed on micro services and is scalable. To secure load endurance and minimize response time we chose to use Redis and sockets.

  • Build and maintain the target audience
  • Be present in social networks
  • Build and promote the brand
  • Be trustworthy and secure
  • Be loyal and flexible to the needs of the TA
  • Identify the target audience: students and young men aged 18-35 with 30-50 USD worth Steam inventory
  • Develop an easy-to-use inventory convertor via GameMoney, SkinsPay, etc
  • Develop a motivational referral system for inviting friends
  • Ensure profit through commissions and paid services while keeping the users happy with the fair game
  • Develop the website design in accordance with the Steam color stylistics
  • Create a dynamic UI using bright special effects and animation
  • Login via Steam API
  • Balance replenishment via SkinsPay, GameMoney
  • Referral system
  • Bonus system
  • Multilinguality (RU, EN, *CN)
  • Live-chat
  • Marketplace for skins exchange
  • Personal Profile with statistics and history
  • Ticket system with messages and tickets storing.
  • Anti-bot CAPTCHA protection against third-party scripts and clickers wishing to earn on small bets.


Customer: Avangard Team
Creation date: 01 Aug 2020
Views: 3142
Release year: 2020
Website Engine: Individual Development
Technologies: PHP 7, MariaDB, Node.js, Redis, RabbitMQ, Sockets, RESTful, HTML5, CSS3

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