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Almas Nourbekov
Almas Nourbekov

«InGarage» - Online Auto parts store

Rating: Date: 26 Mar 2015
Hello. I can make an official statement that Perfecto 100% fits to its name, and even does some additional assignments you never mentioned in your order. Everything is clear and neat, as well as meeting deadlines. Recommended to everybody.
Alexander Lisonyan
Alexander Lisonyan

«EXEDE» - Auto parts and accessory sales

Rating: Date: 13 Jan 2015
This is my first experience is the web-site launching. I have mostly good impressions from the PerfectoWeb’s work: professional attitude around all the issues including design and programming; pleasant communication, deadline observation, convenient payment by installments, as well as pretty sensible process. I can do comparison as I have communicated to many developers before I came across David.  If you want to get a quality service, my recommendation is, to take advantage of PerfectoWeb’s help. I wish all the success to David and his team!)))

«ExFish» - Seafood Internet Store

Rating: Date: 11 Dec 2014
I gladly join to all the good reviews. Definitely recommend! If you like their portfolio and prices then go ahead for sure! Believe me, I know what to compare to. Sincere thanks to David, Nara and everyone working in the Studio. See you again! )
Aleksey Ivanov
Aleksey Ivanov

«Wowvendor» - Games passing service

Rating: Date: 04 Dec 2014
This is my first project to be performed via freelancers. After lasting research, I chose PerfectoWeb. Initially, I was attracted by generous portfolio and quality products. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

What I mostly liked about this communication, is
1) Installment payments, which is important when you have expensive projects, and can pay for every stage separately
2) They understand you at a glance. David responds immediately at any time of the day. How it’s even possible? Ask him! :)
3) Transparency of the process: every stage will be discussed in advance: deadlines, cost and all the details. The customer is guided from the very beginning to the very end.
4) The team is highly experienced. Any assignment is known to them and has ready solution, which makes things faster. Our cooperation was very productive starting the first minute. Responsible and understanding team. I recommend!
Dmitry Paranichev
Dmitry Paranichev

Christmas design for the «NV86» website

Rating: Date: 09 Nov 2014

The assignment is performed promptly and qualitatively. All the improvements and comments were taken into account. Thanks!

Dmitry Saltykov
Dmitry Saltykov

Social Network «Pump yourself out»

Rating: Date: 19 Jun 2014
I’m pleasantly surprised by amazing design – not only in terms of the looks, but also by its functionality: good location of the necessary elements, which is more convenient than where they just go with trends thoughtlessly. I was contacting them on a totally different matter, but David offered me the better solution, I never thought about before. They understand you by heart, and they are passionate about their job. They are competent and – which is rare, - ethical. Last, but not least – promptness. Pluses only. Go ahead, contact them!
Igor Romashkov
Igor Romashkov

«RunBet» Sports Predictions

Rating: Date: 12 Jun 2014
I am satisfied by the order fulfilled. David is pretty fast to respond, and all the issues are solved promptly. He’s a good programmer. I recommend. We cooperate since forever, and all the assignments were done successfully.
Andrey Prilezhayev
Andrey Prilezhayev

Online Apartment rentals – Private ads in city of Vologda

Rating: Date: 04 Jun 2014

I got exceptionally positive impression from the contact. David and Perfecto Web team fulfilled me order nicely and promptly, even with the fact that I’m a very picky and demanding customer.  David wasn’t just accomplishing technical orders. Instead, he genuinely took part in the project. He made a lot of explanation on how to- and how not to act in this project, as if it was his own plan, not mine. I’m very grateful for that. Also, I express my gratitude to Nara, the designer, for her prompt and quality work, which got me exactly what I wanted. I haven’t had personal contacts with other members of the team, but I thank them all as well. By the way, some other freelancers offered to do my project faster and for lower price, but at closer look, it was obvious that they weren’t really aware if the functional of the project, besides, they were mostly one-aloners. And I don’t believe one single person to have multiple talents. So, my recommendation is PerfectoWeb. I’m sure that we will work together in the future.

Dmitry Yaroshock
Dmitry Yaroshock

«AIWO» touristic portal

Rating: Date: 21 May 2014
We have been ordering development of a tremendous project, which took several months of work, and we got what we wished for. Huge functional, our own CMS, parsers, catalogs, , and many other things were involved. Everything’s done as planned. Long story short, I recommend them!
Stanislav Vassin
Stanislav Vassin

Website if the Granite manufactory

Rating: Date: 17 Apr 2014
Each of the projects we trusted Perfecto guys to accomplish were done on time and neatly. It’s a great team, capable of solving complicated issues, as well as discussing projects as developers and as experienced advisers. This wasn’t first time for us to get their help, and hopefully, not the last one. Well done guys!
Eugenie Romanova
Eugenie Romanova

«Be first today» - Expert search in CIS

Rating: Date: 12 Apr 2014

Actually, I’m not fond of writing feedbacks, because nothing ever really caused my rapture before. In this case, I realized that I came across just right people from the very first response from David! The whole understanding of what I wanted. I wasn’t able to fill out the brief entirely, but guys grasped my ideas quickly and corrected some details. The work was started right away and, to my surprise, the project was ready even sooner than it was planned to. Nara, the designer, is a pure gold! All my fantasies were understood and made true with ease, no correction were needed. It was approved at once! Some other people worked on the project as well, and I haven’t had even to communicate with them, but still want to express my great appreciation of their work as well. It was a complicated project, and done with high standards. David is peasant to communicate and to have a business with. He is delicate, nice, knowledgeable and very polite. You don’t feel like being just another costumer in a row. Interaction is smooth, all questions are answered neatly, and good and useful suggestions are made. PerfectoWeb, you guys are THE BEST!!! I have had just one idea, and now I have an entire business project! We will definitely work together again.

Tatiana Zhukova
Tatiana Zhukova

International Union of Entrepreneurs

Rating: Date: 09 Apr 2014
Thanks for a well done job! Our organizational website needed a full revision. These guys have completed everything even sooner than we have planned, so we are very satisfied. All recommendations were accepted, and in case of confusion, they always explained everything willingly and patiently. The Perfecto CMS system they installed for us deserves to be mentioned separately. It’s very simple, user friendly and convenient. You can manage your website, add news, photos, articles and much more: everything is intuitively trivial and clear. From now on, you don’t need an expert help to manage your website. We intend to refer to PerfectoWeb in the future.
Andrey Jay
Andrey Jay

Web design

Rating: Date: 22 Mar 2014
I want to sincerely thank this team of professionals. I needed a feminine website’s design and the online store. All the nuances were considered, every little detail has been worked through. What I liked about this cooperation, is serious and responsible approach to the work, prompt communication, patience, and ability to read my mind about what I wanted. I’m glad about choosing you guys. Everything came out just as I wanted. It’s 10 out of 10 for sure. I recommend Perfecto Web to all who want to make a right choice. Thanks for your work! I will be contacting you again in the future.
Adilxhan Khamraev
Adilxhan Khamraev

«Aquarium» - Design of the Pet store’s website

Rating: Date: 28 Feb 2014
As it was promised, the cooperation took place at the highest level.
Thanks for your professionalism and human qualities. The project as a success! Give me five!
Vadislav Tsoy
Vadislav Tsoy

«Mobile Republic» - online store

Rating: Date: 24 Feb 2014
This is exactly the case when they describe the perfect price-quality combination. Quality is of highest standards. I came across them accidentally, while reviewing the whole bunch of proposals. I had some kind of concern about the quality they can possibly offer. After two days I was shocked by the fact of getting a website design ready. It was just what I wanted and even beyond, and also, it was fast and barely needed any corrections. David is an extremely personable implementer, a precise and responsible one. It’s hard to find such a performer. Understanding and compliance – are what I was seeking for.
Igor Romashov
Igor Romashov

«Romashki» - Engine of searching by image

Rating: Date: 14 Jan 2014
I express my genuine gratitude to Perfecto Web for their work on out project’s development, for the excellent approach to the business and decent implementation of the assignment. We look forward to happily refer to PerfectoWeb’s help in the later date.
Yelena Oursu
Yelena Oursu

«Asigurari Online» - Insurance Company website

Rating: Date: 24 Dec 2013
Thanks a lot to the PerfectoWeb, to all those who worked on our project, and special thanks to David for his patience and understanding. Everything came out just cool! You’re good to be recommended to the friends!

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