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Geekchange - Online crypto exchange

Development of an online exchange of cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies Geekchange. The project was developed from scratch, with its own architecture, code and individual design.

  • Creating an exchanger that supports both cryptocurrencies, e-currencies and fiat currencies.
  • Developing a modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Create common identification markers for all subsequent ecosystem projects.
  • Smooth and scalable operation with a large number of third-party APIs.
  • Identifying the target audience: students and guys 18-35 who use cryptocurrency at least once a month.
  • Identify the audience that has a regular or moderate interest in crypto-markets. Adapt the functionality to this audience.
  • Gamification of the project, developing a series of processes, to engage the audience for long-term collaboration.
  • Development of a referral system, a savings system for raffle-type advertising campaigns.
  • Simplify the exchange process by as few steps as possible.
  • Creating a usable UI, using the right accents.
  • Quality internal search engine optimization (SEO), in order to attract targeted traffic to the right areas of exchanges.
  • The main presentation page, aka the sharing page.
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic methods of exchanges.
  • Cash handling modules.
  • Automatic work with fiat funds.
  • Automatic work with electronic funds: AdvCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney.
  • Automatic work with cryptocurrencies, connected exchanges and cryptocurrency APIs directly.
  • Parsing cryptocurrencies from,
  • Parsing fiat rates.
  • Possibility to make an exchange without registration.
  • Registration and personal account.
  • Exchanges history.
  • Ability to exchange both with a fixed commission and with a floating one.
  • Course autocorrection module, in case of sharp fluctuations.
  • Loyalty program, on the basis of which the service commission for a particular user depends.
  • Dynamic module for exporting courses to BestChange, ExchangeSumo, Exodus and others.
  • Ticket systems.
  • Reviews. With automatic parsing of all monitors and pulling reviews "from everywhere" to the site.
  • Drawings, with winners automatically selected and restarted.
  • Multi-level admin panel, to differentiate access between operators.
  • Account protection via Google Auth (2FA).
  • Ability to link Telegram, Google account, for quick authorization.
  • Referral program with individually adjustable percentage for each partner.
  • Full logging and tracking of operator actions.
  • Ability to dynamically add new cryptocurrencies and crypto pairs.
  • Detailed customization of each crypto pair by commissions, min-max amounts, modes of operation and so on.


Customer: Digital Black Horizon LLC
Creation date: 01 Mar 2024
Views: 453
Release year: 2024
Website Engine: Individual Development
Technologies: PHP8, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery

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