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CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette

CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №1

CS:GO betting website

Roulette should have provably fair system. Items will be priced using Steam Analyst
CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №2- CS:GO betting website


Everyday one lucky can get free item from project. Everyone can join free!
CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №3- Giveaways

Technical support

Here is ticket system for admins and website moderators
CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №4- Technical support

Games history

Any game can be checked for honesty, using round key in the section of the hash verification.
CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №5- Games history

User settings

Bonus: when you specify a web address CSGOStark, system reduces fee of 5%.
CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette №6- User settings

CSGOStark - CS:GO Roulette

Development of the CSGO roulette with unique and adaptive design. CSGOStark was created to attract attention to such projects. It has a number of advantages that make it the best among many others. One of its primary advantages is the unique and user-friendly interface, which besides attracting attention, also enhances the conversion on certain activities on the website. Another important factor is the individual development of a “pure” code, which was tested under high-load tests. One of prior targets was minimization of wastes of server resources by optimization of the consumption with a script.
The average time-frame for turnkey roulette development is 1-1.5 months.


Customer: Egor
Creation date: 25 Jun 2016
Views: 3541
Release year: 2016
Website Engine: Individual Development
Technologies: PHP, Node.js, Sockets, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery

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