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Alice Skill - Dinosaurs

Alice Skill - Dinosaurs

Developing of Alice Skill - «Dinosaurs». Your child interested in dinosaurs? Not surprising! Every month, millions of people search dinosaur search engines. We made a lot of efforts to collect a high-quality database of dinosaurs and provide it to you. You can play & learn as same time. Get more fun from Dinosaurs world!

Available commands
  • Game - A game with guessing dinosaurs on certain grounds.
  • Learn - «Training» mode, for exploring the amazing world of dinosaurs
  • Question answer - In this mode you can ask your questions like: «How much did Diplodocus weigh?», «What size was Triceratops?» and more.
  • Rating System - passing score and rating table
  • Easter eggs - we hid the easter eggs in the game, finding which, you will open secret menus!
  • Information - Information about dinosaurs from Wikipedia — Website:
  • Illustrations - All illustration covered by CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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Alice Skill


Customer: Perfecto Web
Creation date: 13 Oct 2019
Views: 1506
Release year: 2019
Technologies: Node.js, MySQL

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