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SocksBlock NFT

SocksBlock NFT №1

SocksBlock NFT

SocksBlocks is unique collectibles, created from 2048 blocks or from 16x16x9 square. Own, trade, collect and earn with your unique NFT character.

Rarity determines the difficulty (costliness) of adding a card to your collection. The main impact of this is that higher rarity cards are harder to obtain. The direct significance of rarity for SocksBlock is the limitation of one copy of each legendary, epic or rare socks per collection. In the first collection of SocksBlock we have:

  • Common Sock: Funny Socks
  • Rare Sock: Animals
  • Epic Sock: Gender, People, Essence
  • Legendary Sock: Golden, Platinum, Diamond

You like cute sock? Great, but it’s not all. Inside each SocksBlock you can find 3x3x3 Secret Cube. Each cube also has its own rarity. You can find the legendary cube even inside a simple sock. And it’s magic!

List of Secret Cubes
  • Common Cube: Black with white dot
  • Rare Cube: Black with blue dot
  • Epic Secret Cube: Black with golden dot
  • Legendary Secret Cube: Golden cube

All cubes are distributed in socks through randomly generated numbers on Buy collectible socks to unlock the secret cube inside!

What do I get?
  • Unique collector's sock
  • Unlockable Secret Cube
  • Transparent SocksBlock avatar
  • Colorful SocksBlock avatar
  • 3D (GLB) NFT


Customer: Perfecto Web
Creation date: 22 Dec 2021
Views: 1063
Release year: 2021
Technologies: Blender

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