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If you were thinking about starting using HTTPS instead of HTTP, but weren’t fully aware of differences between them, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss advantages of HTTPS and its differences from HTTP.


First of all, let’s make clear what HTTP and HTTPS are. HTTP means HyperText Transfer Protocol. Initially it was designed to transfer HTML format hypertext documents. Now it is used to transfer general data. HTTP carries out client-server transport. Your browser is the client, while the machine with the requested website is the server. When you type a website address, you request to connect to the server. The server, which is waiting for requests, fulfills certain actions and sends the results to the client.

Any information you input on the website - login names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., is sent to the server via HTTP protocol.

HTTPS is the extended version of HTTP. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. As the name suggests, it was designed to enhance security.

Security is the main advantage of HTTPS. It protects your data from being stolen on their way to the server. Now let’s discuss other reasons why you should start using HTTPS instead of HTTP.


1. Care for your clients

Care for your clients

Your clients must be safe. By using HTTPS you protect your client’s information, as many people, especially older than 40, use real personal data on different resources, even on payment services. If you respect your clients, protect them.


2. Google compulsions recommendations

Google recommendations

Starting from January 15, 2017, a red alert sign was added by Google into the new version of Google Chrome to warn the users if your website is using unprotected protocol. People will be afraid to use your website as they have heard about hackers and personal information cracking and stealing. They will simply use competitor websites with protected connection. If you are, for example, an online store, your sales will suffer. People will be afraid to input real personal data.

When giving out search results, Google gives out on the first lines websites that use HTTPS. This is another way how Google is trying to persuade the websites to use HTTPS.


3. HTTPS is faster than HTTP

HTTPS is faster than HTTP

In addition to being secure, HTTPS is 2-3 times as fast as HTTP, which can significantly affect conversion. You can check this yourself on the protocols speed comparison service HTTP vs HTTPS.


4. Your company’s image

Your companys image

What would you think of an upscale store that sells blankets for $1,500 but has no SSL certificate $10-100 worth, which could guarantee the clients’ security and information safety? Such nuances distinguish a good company from a not very good one. By paying attention to details and really caring for the clients and their security, you will earn your clients’ respect.

What feelings would you have if you visited the official website of a top brand company and your browser warned you of unsafe connection? If you trust the brand, you would probably think your computer has a virus or you have visited a wrong website. Or, having assessed the situation, you would understand that the company doesn’t care of its customers.

Some useful information

Some useful information
  1. 10.2% of websites from Alexa top 1,000,000 list use HTTPS protocol on default (according to Wikipedia as for June 28, 2016).
  2. To change to HTTPS you need SSL/TSL certificate.
  3. The average cost of SSL certificate is $10-100.
  4. Don’t use free or homemade certificates for big projects.
  5. There are SSL certificates for a single domain, for a domain and sub-domains, for several domains.
  6. Thanks to SSL certificate, during the client←→server transfer, the data cannot be changed or distorted.
Thank you for your time!
Perfecto Web Team

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Published: 06 Mar 2017
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